Feel My Dead Hands Come to Life – Album

FeelmyDeadhandscometolife smallMy latest recording – I produced this one and all the material was written by myself. You can tell the maturity of my music and musicianship was quite different from the other two albums. Mixing and Mastering the music is really hard and I under estimated the time and effort for this. It was my biggest challenge.

Musicians – Randy Maez on Guitar and Vocals / Jeff Truesdall on Bass backup vocals / Alan Webster on Keys / John Lewis – drums.

Where is My Angel – in memory of Tim Moser

I’m your Bluesman

Could this be a Dream

Guitar Woman – Co Written by my little brother Layne Thaler

I won’t cry for your Love – one of my favorites

I Wrote this Song for you

Life Keeps Getting Harder

Lover Girl

Things I do for Love