I Won’t Cry – Album

This album is still in the making and I believe this will be my best yet! My journey has been a fulfilling one for sure. I have been working with my producer Paul Conkling who has become not only my recording engineer but has created all the instruments around my guitar work and vocals. Paul helped bring my songs to life!

Track-1 I Wrote this Song for your Girlfriend

She loves him but he loves everyone and a friend falls in love with her.

Track-2 Down in the Rino District

Ratio Down in the Rino District – great brew

Track-3 When I Die

When I Die spread my bones in that Rocky Mountain snow

Track-4 If I Wanted you on Sunday

Sunday always the best day for us

Track-5 I won’t cry For Your Love

I give everything for your passion

Track-6 Ash and Flame

Tied my name to a dirty deed